Машина предварительного наполнения MDZ

Brief introduction
Машина предварительного наполнения MDZ
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Tray Feeding
The tray containing the empty syringe is usually manually placed in the tray turntable. After all the filling and packaging steps are completed automatically, and tray is manually taken out and placed in another empty syringe tray.
Rubber stopper feeding
Feeding and sorting of the rubber plugs is achieved by a 300 mm diameter feed tray. Then, the rubber stopper completes the entire feeding function through a plurality of linear feeding mechanisms. All parts in direct contact with the rubber plug are made of AISI 316L stainless steel.
The injection is realized by a rotary injection pump controlled by two independent servo motors. At the same time, the filling needle is controlled by a height-adjustable cam motion. The cam is equipped with an adjusting device, which can adjust the filling action according to the different sizes of the syringe.At the same time, a complete set of mechanical devices are used to avoid excessive filling of the filling needle.
Rubber stopper judgement
It is determined by fiber optic sensors.
All operations are completed through touch screen (supporting multiple languages!)
SPS (servo positioning) control system with MITSUBISH.
Machine tray movement is done by servo motor.
Full automatic pre sterilized syringe filling machine, widely applicable to B-D hypac SCF (pre filled syringe) syringes.
Filling up to 4800 syringes per hour.
Filling capacity range: 0.15ml-50ml.
All parts in direct contact with the filling liquid are made of AISI316L stainless steel.
Technical parameter
Syringe capacity Qty of syringes per tray Steps Cycle time Working time per tray Change tray time Handle the number of trays per hour Output
      S S S 1/h 1/h
0.5ml 160 90 1.20 108 12 30 4800
0.5ml 100 60 1.20 72 12 43 4300
1ml-long 160 90 1.20 108 12 30 4800
1ml-long 100 60 1.20 72 12 43 4300
1-3ml 100 60 1.20 72 12 43 4300
5ml 64 40 1.50 60 12 50 3200
10ml 42 24 3.00 72 12 43 1800
20ml 30 18 5.00 90 12 35 1100

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